Melting Pot For Adult Fun

Party Behavior and Etiquette (Please Read)

EVERYONE - Respect the guests of the hotel by keeping the outside noise down and the hallway doors closed. It is your responsibility to supply your own condoms as well as other sexual supplies (Towels, Rubber gloves, Vibrators, Dildos and Lubricants).

PLEASE Clean up used Condoms and Condom wrappers.

EVERYONE - Come dressed to impress. Be sure you're showered and clean before an event.

EVERYONE - If you are not interested in someone, be straight with them and just tell them you are not interested. Most people feel that this will hurt the other persons feelings, but it hurts worse when you are just ignored. Only do what you feel comfortable doing.

EVERYONE - No means no. If someone says no thank you, then just leave it at that. Just because other members are getting busy doesn't mean you can just include yourself in the activity. Find out first if more participants are welcomed.

EVERYONE - Please smoke in the designated areas provided by the hotel.

GUYS - DO ask if your partner prefers condoms. If she does please, simply comply.

No Drama- Of any kind will be tolerated; if one of the members is disrespected (male or female), verbally or otherwise, you will be asked to leave.

DRUGS - Are NOT allowed on the premises of any event this club hosts. If you are caught you will be banned from this club.

​​Party Etiquette