Hung - One with a large penis

HWP - Height/Weight Proportionate. Someone that is not overweight or underweight.

ISO - In Search Of

Lesbian - Gay women.

LTR - Long Term Relationship

M - Male

MBC - Married Black Couple

MBiC - Married Bi Couple

MILF - Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck

Moresome - More than four.

MWC - Married White Couple

Off-Premise - A swing club or party where there are no designated locations for play. This may or may not exclude the activity from actually taking place.

P/P - Photo/Phone

S&M or SM - Sadism/Masochism

Safe - Someone that is not at risk for becoming or causing a pregnancy.

SBF - Single Black Female

SBiF - Single Bi Female

SBiM - Single Bi Male

SBM - Single Black Male

SGL - Single Soft

Swing/Swingers - A couple that enjoys sexual pleasure with others that includes anything up to but not including intercourse.

STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease.

STR8 or STR or Straight - Straight, a Heterosexual person.

Swap or Swapping - Two couples exchanging partners

SWF - Single White Female

SWM - Single White Male

Versatile - Bisexual

Voyeur or Voyeurism - One who enjoys watching.

Water Sports - Urination involving sexual stimulation.

AC/DC - Bi-Sexual Person(s)

Arts - Fetishes B&D or BD - Bondage and Discipline Back Door - Anal Sex

BBW - Big Beautiful Woman. 

BDSM - Bondage - Discipline - SadoMasochism

BI or Bisexual - Someone that enjoys sex with both men and women.

Bi-Curious - Someone that is curious, interested in or has had limited Bisexual experience.

Bondage - The practice of restraining a person(s) for sexual pleasure.

Can Entertain - Someone that has a private location and is willing to invite others over.

Can Travel - Someone that is willing to travel, generally beyond an hours drive.

Clean - Disease and Drug Free

Couple - Two people, generally one male, one female.

CPL - Couple

Cunnilingus - Oral stimulation of the vagina/clitoris

DD - Clean, disease and drug free.

Discipline - Spanking, bondage or similar practice intended to arouse sexual desire.

DP - Double Penetration, simultanious Vaginal and Anal.

Entertain - Can Entertain

Exhibitionism - Showing off in public, involving nudity.

F - Female Fellation - Oral stimulation of the penis Fetish - Sexual stimulation via non sexual acts or objects.

Full Swap - A couple that enjoys sexual pleasure with others that includes anything up to AND including intercourse.

Gay - Homosexual, generally a male, but not always. GBM - Gay Black Man

GWM - Gay White Male

Heterosexual - One who enjoys and has sex with only the opposite sex.

Homosexual - One who enjoys and has sex with only the same sex.

Lifestyle Definitions

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Is Swinging for us?

If you are currently in a relationship and wondering whether Swinging is for you then please take the following questionnaire, it might help:

1.Have you discussed your fantasies with your partner?

2.Have you got a strong and honest relationship?

3.Are you committed to your relationship?

4.Is your sex life with your partner good?

5.Do you feel comfortable at the thought of seeing your partner kissing/touching/having sex with another person?

6.Are you confident talking about sex?

7.Have you watched and enjoyed a porn video together?

8.Do you trust yourself and your partner?

9.Do you feel comfortable saying no?

10.Does the idea of swinging arouse you both?

11.Have you both considered the sexual health implications?

12.Are you both happy to stop without hesitation if the other wants to?

If you answered 'Yes' to each of the above then perhaps it's time to get involved with Swinging. Taken from Swinging Heaven.

Swinging is primarily a social activity, and the ordinary social customs of being courteous, initiating conversation, getting to know people, and letting trusted acquaintances become friends are no different from any other walk of life. Put another way, it's your ability to form friendships with couples, as a couple, that will ultimately determine the quality of your experience in the swing community. Taken from

Sub definitions

Soft Swing means no penetration with anyone but your own partner.

Often people wanting a soft swing will be quite specific about their own particular boundries. Sometimes it's just same-room 'voyeur' fun, or sometimes it can mean going as far as touching others, or perhaps masturbation and oral with others. As in all swinging situations, you choose your own boundaries to suit you, and it's best to be as open about them as possible to ensure things don't go further than you feel comfortable with. Hardened Swingers is usually used in the negative (e.g. "We're not hardened Swingers") and simply means very experienced Swingers who are very active in the scene. The reason this term is often used in the negative is because a lot of people who swing do not necessarily live, eat and breath swinging. Saying, "We're not hardened Swingers", is usually just another way of saying, "It's OK, we're normal and balanced, honest!"

A swinger is:

A member of a couple, especially a married couple, who exchanges sexual partners.

Swinging isn't simply 'Wife Swapping', nor is it quite as simple as 'Recreational sex between consenting adults' - even though we prefer the latter definition. No, it's more a state of mind. It's about being honest, open-minded, and expressing yourself freely. It's about enjoying sex with other people while not endangering pre-existing relationships. It's about enjoying sexually liberated fun no matter whether you're a single person or a couple or a triple or... Swinging is not restricted to heterosexual couples only, although most people might imagine that when they think of swinging. Swinging is also not restricted to any particular type of sexual persuasion. It's for anyone who likes the idea of enjoying sex with other people for fun, no matter what kind of sexual activities they have in mind. Swinging can and often does lead to long lasting friendships, because it is very social and open, with no need for any deceit. Anyone who equates swinging with having an affair really could not be more wrong.

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